Our Services



With our specialized engineering team and current calculation and design software, were design the projects of fire protection systems for buildings according to leading and recognized international fire standards.


  1. Fire and Smoke Compartmentalization Project
  2. Escape Route and Emergency Exit Direction Project
  3. Smoke Evacuation Project
  4. Stair Pressurizing Project
  5. Automatic and Manual Extinguishing Systems Project
  6. Fire Pump Room Project
  7. Fire Detection, Reporting and Emergency Lighting Systems



We offer consultancy services at global standards in determining risk classification of buildings, creating fire scenarios, selecting the best extinguishing system and taking necessary measures against fire.


  1. Determination of Fire Load of Facility
  2. Determination of Fire Protection System Type at the Departments in the Facility
  3. Integration of Different Disciplines
  4. Control of Accuracy of Projects and Calculations
  5. Supervision of Assembling and Commissioning Processes



Application and Assembly: We offer turnkey delivery installation of fire extinguishing and detections systems that require know-how and expertise for which we supply the materials.

Commissioning: The assembled fire protection systems undergo commissioning test procedures and functional tests by the engineers of YCS Teknik, and the systems are delivered to the users in fully operational condition.

Contracted Maintenance: We offer periodical maintenance service on contract to ensure that the installed fire protection systems remain functional for many years and efficiently without interruption.


  1. Water Extinguishing Systems
  2. Foam Extinguishing Systems
  3. Gas Extinguishing Systems
  4. Fume Hood Extinguishing Systems
  5. Detection, Alarm and Reporting Systems
  6. FireStop Systems