In-Board Extinguishing System


Its operation principle is perforation of polymer tubing under 12 bars of pressure with nitrogen against heat at approximately 100 CO, resulting in nitrogen gas, and simultaneously opening the valve on the cylinder. Furthermore, it does not require a fire alarm system. In direct systems, a nozzle and pipe system is not required. Departments with a volume up to 8.5 m³ can be protected with a single system.


“It is a cost-efficient solution as it extinguishes the cabin which may be the source of fire, instead of the extinguishing the whole room.”


It is highly efficient since it extinguishes fire directly at its source.
It can be rapidly and easily assembled.
The system can be monitored with the part installed at the pipe detector end.
The pressure inside the cylinder can be manometrically monitored via the valve or the nitrogen pressure inside the pipe detector can be monitored via the manometer installed at the detector end.

Areas Of Use

Electric Distribution Boards, Compensation Units
Engine Cabins of Vehicles and Heavy Duty Machines
CNC Counters
Wind Generators
Bank ATM and Money Transportation Vehicles
Computer Systems, UPS Units, “Server” Cabins

Laboratory Fume Hoods
Ship Engine Rooms, Energy Distribution Boards
Generator, Compressor and Air-Conditioning Units
Kitchen Hoods, Inside Filters and Hoods
GSM Operator Link Stations
Telecom Plants, Communication Facilities

Cable Galleries, Cable Trays
Museum Exhibition Shelves
Packaging and Printing Industry
Elevator Engine Rooms