FM200 Gas Extinguishing Systems


FM-200® systems are used for valuable assets and areas with its approved international reliability and effectiveness.
Humans can be present in the protected areas.
It is a strong extinguishing system to protect critical and valuable objects.
Its major advantages include human safety, low storage volume and not creating waste.
Systems are available at 25 and 42 bars.
FM-200® extinguishing system is a clean gas that is the most preferred around the world and used in a wide range.
It has become the alternative for Halon systems particularly after EPA prohibited the use of Halon 1301.
FM-200® is the commercial name of the chemical gas called “heptafluoropropane” [CF3CHFCF3], which is a colorless and odorless gas.
When the FM-200® system is activated, it extinguishes flames within 10 seconds, and with rapid heat absorption, it completely extinguishes the fire and ensures saving valuable materials with minimum damage.

FM-200® system is stored at 42 or 25 bar pressure inside TPED and PED certified, CE certified and UL, LPCB marked cylinders.
Dry nitrogen is used as pressurizing gas in the cylinders.
The location of cylinders for FM-200® system can be inside or outside the extinguishing site.
However, a hydraulic analysis with a computer software is required for the sites in both alternatives.
Gas discharging time at the site and the accuracy of the discharge should be verified by reading the flow and pressure values at each site.
FM-200® gives effective results for Class A fires (including solid materials) and Class B fires.


• Energy production facilities
• Telecommunication centers,
• Information Processing and Data Centers (DATA CENTER)
• Server-System Rooms,
• Special Electronic Control Rooms
• Electrical (AG-OG) Rooms
• Museums, Archives and Libraries
• Petrol and gas industry facilities
• Military and civil marinas
• Power Transformation Centers
• Qualified Laboratories and Chemical Depots
• Rail System, Metro, Airport, Seaport projects