Argonite Gas Extinguishing Systems


ARGONITE™ is an environment-friendly extinguishing gas that is developed as an alternative to Halon and its derivatives, which has been prohibited due to its damage on the ozone layer.


Argonite is a compound of 50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon gas, and is stored under pressure. Argonite lowers the ambient oxygen level from 20.9% to 12.5% to extinguish the fire.Argonite is preferably used in computerized rooms with people due to its insulating property and its convenience for human health.


Argonite, which is an inert gas, with the new 300 bar system that allowed 30% less storage volume as compared to the (150 and) 200 bar inert systems which have been used for many years, and offers remarkable advantage in assembling and maintenance costs.Global manufacturer KIDDE rapidly expands its global implementations with the awards, standards and approvals obtained for the ARGONITE™ C60 Extinguishing System.