Argon Gas Extinguishing Systems


IG-01, IG-55 and IG-100 are clean gas extinguishing systems with a vast application area. These gases which have been approved as an alternative to Halon decreases the oxygen concentration within a short time period, provided that it can be tolerated for human health, to extinguish a fire.
Its design concentrations does not result in any damage to human health.
As it is naturally available, it does not have any impact on global warming or on the environment.

Specifications of the Argon Gas Extinguishing System
• Low refill costs.
• Argon gas is not conductive.
• It does not damage the ozone layer.
• It does not leave residues after discharge.
• Discharge time is maximum 60 seconds.
Argon Gas Extinguishing System Use Areas
• Electrical Distribution Rooms
• Industrial Buildings
• Material Storage
• Archives
• Computer Rooms
• Museums
• Telephone Switchboards