Apollo Fire Alarm and Control Systems


Apollo is the largest fire detector manufacturer in Europe with a manufacture of 80,000 pieces every week. All products are designed and manufactured at the facility in the UK for more than 30 years in compliance with international standards. Apollo products are used globally to protect people and property against risk of fire, and the company heavily invests on test equipment, actively engaging in the processes to create a product standard. Apollo products are tested by independent, accredited test and approval organization, certified according to European standards and other international standards, before marketing.

• Interactive Addressable Detectors
• Analog Addressable Detectors
• Socket Options for Special Applications
• Fire Reporting Buttons
• Alarm Monitoring and Control Modules
• Addressed Audio and Light Alarm Devices

• Smart Conventional Detectors
• Addressable Channel Type Fire Detection Devices
• Addressable Flame Detectors
• Addressable Beam Type Smoke Detectors

• Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
• Ex-Proof Addressable and Conventional Devices
• Sea Type Approved Fire Alarm Systems
• Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

• Addressable Fire Alarm Repetition Panels
• Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
• Automatic Fire Alarm Extinguishing Panels
• Fire Monitoring and Control Graphic Software
• BMS Communication Module