About Us


Our company aims to become the Engineering Partner of our Customers, offering them engineering and contracting services, particularly in fire detection and extinguishing, including contracts, project, maintenance, product sales, service and operation services with the cutting edge technology.


Briefly Ycs Teknik is an engineering and contracting company offering services in project design, consultancy, material procurement, assembly and spare parts in Fire Safety in compliance with NFPA and/or other FM, UL, VDS, LPCB codes and standards for the first time in Turkey.


Since its foundation, the company has been offering services at home and abroad with strict technical and financial discipline offered to solutions partners, including SIEMENS, APOLLO, MINIMAX and VIKING among others.

Uluslararası Desteklenen Kuruluşlar

YCS TEKNİK Yangın güvenliği konusunda NFPA international, FM Approved, Türk Standarları Enstitüsü, Türkiye Yangından Korunma ve Eğitim Vakfı (TÜYAK), UL, VDS, LPCB vb. uluslararası standartlara uygun projelendirme, danışmanlık, malzeme temini, montaj ve yedek parça konularında mühendislik hizmeti vermektedir.

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Our Areas Of Business

Consultancy Services: We offer consultancy services at global standards in creating fire scenarios, determining risk classification of buildings, selecting the best extinguishing system and taking necessary measures against fire.


Risk Analysis Reporting: We are helping to analyze and grade the risks arising from dangers and factors that may turn internal or external fire threats into a risk, and to decided on the control measures.


Fire training: We assist existing staff on fire culture, necessary precautions to prevent fire, and actions to be taken and evacuation of people in cases of emergency, and provide theoretical information to the employees.


Material procurement for fire protection systems: The equipment for fire protection systems are supplied from national companies with the latest technology which have representative offices in Turkey. We offer rapid material supply and spare parts service thanks to our stock policy.


Turkey delivery system application and assembling: We offer turnkey delivery installation of fire extinguishing and detections systems that require know-how and expertise.


Assembling and Commissioning: We implement the commissioning test procedures for the fire protection systems which we install, and delivery the systems to our customers in fully operational condition after all functional tests.


Engineering and hydraulic calculation: We conduct the hydraulic calculations for our fire protection systems in compliance with global fire standards, with our young and specialized engineering team and with the support of up-to-date design software.


System design and project design services: We offer project design services for fire protection systems after design and hydraulic calculations, with our expert engineers and in compliance with global fire standards.


Service and maintenance service: We offer periodical maintenance service on contract to ensure that the installed fire protection systems remain functional for many years and efficiently without interruption.


Supervising: We offer necessary supervising services for assembling the fire protection system materials and equipment which we sell.