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Fire Extinguishing Systems & YCS Teknik

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Our company aims to become the Engineering Partner of our Customers, offering them engineering and contracting services, particularly in fire detection and extinguishing, including contracts, project, maintenance, product sales, service and operation services with the cutting edge technology.


Briefly YCS TEKNİK is an engineering and contracting company offering services in project design, consultancy, material procurement, assembly and spare parts in Fire Safety in compliance with NFPA and/or other FM, UL, VDS, LPCB codes and standards for the first time in Turkey.

Our Services


With our specialized engineering team and current calculation and design software, were design the projects of fire protection systems for buildings according to leading and recognized international fire standards.

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Application and Assembly: We offer turnkey delivery installation of fire extinguishing and detections systems that require know-how and expertise for which we supply the materials.

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We offer consultancy services at global standards in determining risk classification of buildings, creating fire scenarios, selecting the best extinguishing system and taking necessary measures against fire.

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Our Products

Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems

Fire in a kitchen hood is a serious fire that threatens the public buildings as well as its surrounding area, and which cannot be extinguished..

Room Sealing and Room Leak Test

The areas where gas extinguishing will be applied should be sealed against the risk of gas leakage to the outer environment. For Halon alternative and..

Apollo Fire Alarm and Control Systems

Apollo is the largest fire detector manufacturer in Europe with a manufacture of 80,000 pieces every week. All products are designed and manufactured at the..

3m Novec 1230 Extinguishing Systems

3M™ Novec 1230 Clean Gas Extinguishing Systems 3M™ Novec 1230 is a globally preferred alternative today which has also been..

Ycs Argon Gas Extinguishing Stsyems

These gases which have been approved as an alternative to Halon decreases the oxygen concentration within a short time period, provided that it can be tolerated for..

IN-Board Extinguishing Systems

Its operation principle is perforation of polymer tubing under 12 bars of pressure with nitrogen against heat at approximately 100 CO, resulting in nitrogen gas..

FM200 Extinguishing System

FM-200® systems are used for valuable assets and areas with its approved international reliability and effectiveness. Humans can be present in the protected areas..

Argonite Gas Extinguishing Systems

ARGONITE™ is an environment-friendly extinguishing gas that is developed as an alternative to Halon and its derivatives, which has been prohibited..